Monday, 20 June 2011

I don't like Mondays....

Morning comes too soon.... the alarm wasn't necessary as Guiseppe woke at 4am when he discovered the £2 from the Tooth Fairy under his pillow. He was a bit disappointed at the message from 'him' as it advised him to clean his teeth more often!!!
2-tooth gap!
Indiscriminate headache/tummy ache from Munchkin resulted in a day off for her, lounging weakly in a chair with the telly on.
Guiseppe went to school, after assisting me in the carrying of the cat box. Dubster is at present cashing in his little 'voucher' at the vets, and will be returning to The Homestead minus 2 of his most treasured possessions (!) and the proud owner of a nice new micro-chip (special offer).
Ceefer and Pusskers seem to be basking in the peace that has ensued since Dubster's departure to t'vetnery. Little do they know that chaos will be restored this afternoon once the anaesthetic has worn off!!!


The Dubster

Munchkin is now partly recovered - constructing a cheese triangle and tomato sandwich for her own lunch. I believe she is making one for me too.
There are 13 big blue parcels of exam papers waiting to be collected in the hallway. Waiting with anticipation was never one of my good points - I trust that the parcel man will be here between 1 and 3 as requested. :)
Brownies and Beavers will duly be attended tonight - I am keeping my head down in case the Beaver Man asks me again to be a helper.
Onwards through the day - and now to attack the mould inside the fridge......... huzzah!!!

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  1. Hello, I've only just found this but I have been a bit "off net" for the past few days due to work and a poke in the eye with a bent stick. Love the Blog and look forward to reading more.